How to Avoid Buying a Car With Flood Damage

Are you looking for a “new-to-you” car?

Before buying, make sure you know How to Avoid Buying a Car With Flood Damage .

The vehicle may LOOK GREAT on the outside but looks can be deceiving. Automobiles with flood damage may have been repaired and listed for sale in other parts of the country. And guess what? The soon-to-be new-owner may not EVEN be aware of it.
Cars that have been involved in floods may have corrosion and other ruin related to electronics, lubricants, and mechanical systems. Avoid the risk by making sure you know How to Avoid Buying a Car With Flood Damage

Engine Mounts Damaged

Are you hearing excessive noise under your hood? Do you feel vibration when starting, stopping, slowing down, or speeding up? It could be your engine mounts. Engine mounts make sure your engine is properly positioned. If they are damaged, your engine can tilt, bounce, or shift causing damage to other components of your car. Check out this video to see what happens under the hood of a vehicle with worn engine mounts.

Motorcycle Ignition Switch Quick Diagnosis

CHECK out this VIDEO to learn a quick fix that we used on the ignition switch for a 2009 Suzuki Boulevard. Cycling the ignition can help you determine if the key is making a connection with the lock cylinder.

Motorcycle Ignition Quick Diagnosis

5 Hilarious Things Kids Say in Cars

I always find myself laughing at the funny things my sons do and say.  Check out this hilarious list below that combines two of my favorite things-family and cars!


5 Hilarious Things Kids Say In Cars

  1. “Can I pee into my juice cup? Daddy lets me do it in the car.”
  2. “Is my car seat also an ejector seat like in James Bond?”
  3. “Good job! I was smiling when that speed camera flashed!”
  4. I can undo my seatbelt. Look!”
  5. “Daddy says he’s a much safer driver than you, Mommy.”
  6. “When I’m bigger I’m going to get a much better car than this one.”
  7. Child: “Do birds hate cars?” Mom: “Why?” Child: “Because they always poo on them.”
  8. “If I stick my head out in the car wash, can I not have a bath tonight?”

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