5 Hilarious Things Kids Say in Cars

I always find myself laughing at the funny things my sons do and say.  Check out this hilarious list below that combines two of my favorite things-family and cars!


5 Hilarious Things Kids Say In Cars

  1. “Can I pee into my juice cup? Daddy lets me do it in the car.”
  2. “Is my car seat also an ejector seat like in James Bond?”
  3. “Good job! I was smiling when that speed camera flashed!”
  4. I can undo my seatbelt. Look!”
  5. “Daddy says he’s a much safer driver than you, Mommy.”
  6. “When I’m bigger I’m going to get a much better car than this one.”
  7. Child: “Do birds hate cars?” Mom: “Why?” Child: “Because they always poo on them.”
  8. “If I stick my head out in the car wash, can I not have a bath tonight?”

Adopted from http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/09/09/overheard-from-the-backseat-funny-things-kids-say-in-cars_n_7323036.html